Structural Cabling

Connectivity (Structural Cabling)

Our value offer is giving optical fiber analysis and evaluation, data centers, business networks and service providers.

ITSD helps to define the architecture of smart buildings, as well as its components and management system of the physical layer.

GPON (Gigabit-capable Passive Optical Network): telecommunications access technology that allows a faster data transmission and reception through one fiber.

Optical Fiber

  • check Engineering and Design
  • check Mechanical, Anaerobic and Fusion Joints
  • check ATP Execution for Link Delivery
  • check Backup System (Racks and Cabinets)
  • check Containment System
  • check Feasibility Studies
  • check Tests with OTDR Equipment

Energized Optical Fiber

“Rack to the device” complete solution in order to provide energy and communications to IP devices at distances greater than 100 meters, powered through a PoE / Poe + port.